By Annicit

With Good Accounts, Good Friends, handle your accounts between friends without the fuss!

There are currently 417 shares across 41 countries!


Whether on a trip abroad, a party, or any other event with friends, the application is responsible for ensuring that everyone pays his share.


Indeed, simply add the expenses as and when, and the application will give you the refunds to be made, the number of expenses of each participant, who shoul pay the next expense in order to achieve a better balance and much more...


You can share at any time the share details with your friends via SMS and email. Participants will then be able to access this share and add expenses themselves from the application as it will be synchronized through our website. A conflict with the refunds, do not worry, the shares can be synchronized and accessed directly from our website by all participants. The application also allows you to generate complete reports in PDF or Excel listing all the expenses.

"Good Accounts, Good Friends" also enable you to easily organize your loans and borrowing of money and objects easily.

So do not hesitate and try this application now.

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What they say:

"Au revoir tricount, bonjour good account."

"L'application parfaite pour gérer les comptes entre potes pour les vacances, une soirée ou un repas. Et fonctionne tellement mieux que tricount !"- Yannick - *****
"Très bien"

"Bonne application, très utile pour les vacances entre collègues :-)"- Damien - *****
"Très bonne application"

"Bonne application pour gérer ses vacances entres amis ! Bon design :-)"- Françoise - ****

"Simple d'utilisation et très utile pour les vacances à plusieurs"- Sylvain - *****
"Parfait pour partager équitablement"

"Universelle et bien fichue pour les dépenses voyages resto etc"- Rémi - *****

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